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Back to you in a little bit. Now, a frightening new alert at Isis in America. The head of the FBI saying there could be thousands of people in the U.S. Being influenced by the terror group. Pierre Thomas is in Washington. The FBI director warned of surprising new online tactics by Isis? Yes. The FBI director was blunt about an unprecedented social media campaign by Isis. What our investigation found was chilling. The FBI is warning this week's shootout in Texas could be part of an urgent broader threat to the homeland. ? Reporter: FBI director James come says the group Isis has launched a social media campaign like no other. Among the people they're trying to recruit, elt. Simpson, seen here in new video. They have two primary messages. Come join the islamic state if Syria and Iraq. If you cant, the message is to quote killing kill, kill, wherever you are. They're shooting out into the ethersphere thousands of messages a day. Over 90,000. To millions of people across the globe. ? Reporter: They use rap music and video games to get their maumg across. They try to broaden their appeal by exploiting children and using this Isis fighter with the model good looks. Many of the Isis productions are as polished as any commercial you'll see in the U.S. In is news channel with P.R. Sensibilities and marketing value. You're speaking to them in a language they understand. Video, moving imagery, and music. Reporter: The FBI has launched hundreds of investigations of suspected homegrowned a calls, many involving Isis. The propaganda is proving effective, despite the fact it's all lives. Masking death, rape, and slavery. We get the latest on deflategate.

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