Can't choose which stream (Science or Commerce) to opt for my 11th grade education. The admission dates are in a day (04/06/14). NEED HELP.?

Okay first off....why would you go into science if you don't like it? You yourself said that you have problems with chemistry, don't like biology and are okay in math. All you pretty much like and do well in is physics, and unless there's a college only offering physics (which is highly highly unlikely) you're going to have tons of problems with the sciences....unless you apply specifically to an engineering college.

I'd suggest that you just stick with what you enjoy...imagine having to study for 12th boards workforce management use cases in subjects you have no interest...just the thought of that is making me cringe. If you top 10 workforce management software have a better interest in commerce, then do that. Both my cousins in Mumbai (I am Indian born but live in Canada) have gone into separate streams, even though their aptitude tests said that they could do well in either area. At the end of the day, they followed their interests. Plus 11th and 12th in commerce doesn't necessarily mean that you noaa workforce management kansas city have to become a CA. Doing commerce may open up your eyes to another type of business that you previously didn't know existed/enjoyed.

Yeah the world is a competitive place, and making money seems to be everyone's first and topmost goal; but it isn't the only thing that's important. Essentially, once you pick the sciences you're stuck with them (at least for the next few years). I'd say look at your interest levels in each area and make a decision based on that because it's better to be involved in something you're good at and something you enjoy versus something you dread and probably workforce management disney won't do well in!

All the best with your decision :)

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